General Medicine

The Group of Family Medicine (FMG) of the Medical Clinic of the Quartier Latin brings together several doctors who work together with nurses to offer you improved care and access to first-line medical services. We work in close collaboration with the teams of health professionals of the CIUSS Center-Sud-de-l'Île-de-Montréal and the CHUM.

Currently, in order to have access to a family doctor at the Medical Clinic of the Latin Quarter, you must register at the Family Physician Access Center (GAMF).

You do not need to be registered with the GMF of the Medical Clinic of the Latin Quarter to get an appointment with a specialist.

Regular Appointments

You can always make an appointment with your doctor for follow-up, an annual check-up or for any health problem. It may be that the next appointment available is only a few weeks away.

Know that it is always better to plan your next appointment. By calling several weeks before the desired date, you increase your chances of getting an appointment at the right time.

Quick Consultation

If your problem requires urgent consultation, you can call the clinic for a quick appointment. Depending on the availability of doctors, you will usually have an appointment within 24 hours. In this case your doctor or doctor on call will meet you. Please note that these appointments are reserved for urgent reasons only. Appointments for regular follow-up or one-off examinations should be made through regular appointment ranges.

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